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Become a sponsor to Rich Felker

Your sponsorship will support my development of musl libc, integration of musl with tooling through musl-cross-make, collaboration with other libc implementations and OS projects to promote consensus-based standards, assistance to distributions using musl libc, and deep bug hunting and analysis in various related and unrelated free and open source software.

42 sponsors are funding richfelker’s work.


Featured work

  1. richfelker/musl-cross-make

    Simple makefile-based build for musl cross compiler

    Makefile 861
  2. richfelker/mallocng-draft

    Working draft of nextgen malloc implementation for musl libc

  3. richfelker/mxclient

    A minimalist client for sending mail direct to recipient's MX

  4. richfelker/

    Shell script implementation of TOTP (RFC 6238) using openssl command line tool

    Shell 33

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This offer is for individuals, and may be available to small organizations on request. Commercial entities wishing to be listed as sponsors should inquire by email.