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San Francisco

Primarily work on the Inter typeface family and related tooling.

Inter is a big undertaking with more than three years investment so far. I use weekends, vacations and some evenings after my day job to work on Inter. Sponsoring the development of Inter will help to pay for other type designers help when needed as well as my own time (would be nice with vacations that are work free :–)

Every day millions of people see Inter when using Github, Figma, Mozilla, Unity or any of the many other websites and applications (and even operating systems) that uses Inter. So far the Inter font files have been downloaded over 200,000 times. About 20 million unique visitors every month source the Inter font files from the font file CDN.

Your sponsorship will help in the years to come as Inter keeps improving, evolving and expanding!

41 sponsors are funding rsms’s work.


Featured work

  1. rsms/inter

    The Inter font family

    Python 13,398
  2. rsms/figplug

    Figma plugin builder

    TypeScript 282
  3. rsms/raster

    Raster — simple CSS grid system

    CSS 744
  4. rsms/wasm-util

    WebAssembly utilities

    TypeScript 325
  5. rsms/peertalk

    iOS and Mac Cocoa library for communicating over USB

    Objective-C 3,084
  6. rsms/gotalk

    Async peer communication protocol & library

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