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Ryan Chandler

Essex, United Kingdom

Hey, thanks for checking out my Sponsors page.

I'm currently working on a superset of PHP called PXP. I believe this could be the best thing since sliced bread (at least for PHP developers) but I need support to continue development.

If you want to find out more about the project, you can visit the official website:

A project like this is a huge undertaking, especially one to work on in my spare time.

If you want to see the project succeed and continue growing, please consider sponsoring me. Any and all sponsorships are highly appreciated.

Thank you!


My current goal is to release PXP and continue working on it as my sole side-project. I can only do that if I have support from others.

Current sponsors 10


Featured work

  1. pxp-lang/pxp

    A suite of high-performance tools for PHP developers – includes a code formatter, static analyser, language server and superset language.

    Rust 636
  2. filamentphp/filament

    A collection of beautiful full-stack components for Laravel. The perfect starting point for your next app. Using Livewire, Alpine.js and Tailwind CSS.

  3. php-rust-tools/parser

    A handwritten fault-tolerant, recursive-descent parser for PHP written in Rust.

    Rust 315
  4. ryangjchandler/alpine-clipboard

    Simply copy to the users clipboard in your Alpine.js components. πŸ“‹

    JavaScript 328
  5. ryangjchandler/orbit

    A flat-file database driver for Eloquent. πŸ—„

    PHP 827

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The Hobbyist

You have used one of my open-source projects before and really appreciate the work that I do, so much so you wanted to buy me a coffee!


  • πŸ™ Personal thank you on Twitter!

$10 a month


The Regular

You use one of my open-source projects regularly and really appreciate the work that I do, so much so you wanted to buy me a coffee and a sandwich!


  • πŸ™ Personal thank you on Twitter!

$30 a month


The Generous One

You have used some of my open-source projects on an on-going project or two and would like to buy me dinner!


  • 🌟 Everything from the previous tier.

$50 a month


The Big One

  • You want to support the development of PXP and gain access to the project before release.
  • You use my packages on multiple projects and they dramatically improve the development experience.


  • πŸ™ Personal thank you on Twitter!
  • Access to the PXP private repository.
  • Your name (or company name) on the homepage of the PXP website.