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Phil Coval


I've been contributing to opensource for at least 17 years:

Lately on IoT and related

Also I am driving a project about community maintenance of orphaned projects, I am considering to push this forward, meanwhile this page explain goal and procedures:

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Featured work

  1. rzr/webthing-iotjs

    IoT.js implementation of WebThing API (based on webthing-node)

    JavaScript 58
  2. rzr/mastodon-lite

    Lightweight client for mastodon micro blogging service.

    JavaScript 18
  3. rzr/generic-sensors-lite

    Naive implementation of w3c specs for IoT.js

    JavaScript 10
  4. rzr/aframe-webthing

    #AFrame component to view #webthing in #realtime from #WebXr work as standalone or connected to #Mozilla gateway

    JavaScript 5
  5. rzr/aframe-smart-home

    Web Of Twin Example

    JavaScript 8
  6. JavaScript 4

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