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👋🏻 Hey! thanks for coming by!

People such as yourself are the reason I love to write open source projects. There's not much I find more fulfilling than solving someone else's problem, or having a positive impact on a persons day to day.

I still remember the morning after launching v1.0 of Vue Select, and my inbox was full of issues from people that had tried it out. The fact that people were using my stuff, and hoping to contribute to it themselves had me over the moon. It was so exciting!

Why Sponsor Me?

I have spent hundreds of hours working on Vue Select since launching v1.0 in March 2016. In that time I've reviewed and merged over 150 pull requests from contributors, responded to over 600 issues, and pushed out more than 40 releases. That's about one release every month since 2016.

That's a lot of issues, pull requests and releases, and each one requires more time than you'd expect. I can't tell you how many times I've been laying in bed, hoping to fall asleep, and instead I'm thinking about the next API I can introduce to make this little component work better in peoples applications.

And I still have more to do! I have a lot of ideas on how to take Vue Select to the next level. Your support helps to support me not just financially, but also mentally. 5+ years spent on any single project can be tough. Knowing that people appreciate the work makes it so much easier!

6 sponsors are funding sagalbot’s work.


I freelance full time, so the opportunity cost of working on open source is pretty high. But I love open source work, and want to do as much of it as I can - even if it doesn't pay the bills. Contributing as a sponsor means that I can take on less freelance work, leaving my schedule a bit more free to fix bugs and ship new features. I would absolutely love to do it full time, so every little bit gets me closer to that dream!


Featured work

  1. sagalbot/vue-select

    Everything you wish the HTML <select> element could do, wrapped up into a lightweight, extensible Vue component.

    JavaScript 4,285
  2. sagalbot/vueable

    Featherweight, renderless components for triggering dropdowns, modals, popovers - or any other toggleable content.

    JavaScript 6
  3. sagalbot/vue-sortable

    A lightweight directive for reorderable drag-and-drop lists using RubaXa/Sortable

    JavaScript 717
  4. sagalbot/breeze

    💨 A tiny library to transition your DOM elements as they become visible in the viewport.

    JavaScript 27
  5. sagalbot/encryptable

    Laravel package for persisting encrypted Model properties, providing decryption when accessed.

    PHP 26

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  • ☕️ Almost enough coffee to ship a new feature. Almost.

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  • ☕️ Now we're talking. That's like 3 espressos.

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  • ☕️ This is at least 2 weeks of beans!

$50 a month

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  • ☕️ I'll spend the whole thing on coffee, drink it in one go, and attempt to write an entire feature in one sitting.
  • 🤓 Seriously though, if I make it through the caffeine crash, this would go a long way to support my Open Source endeavors.

$100 a month

  • 🚀 Support Vue Select development.
  • ☕️ I will be caffeinated all waking hours. And maybe in my dreams as well.
  • 🏆 Listed as a sponsor with a link on the Vue Select repo and website.

$250 a month

  • 🚀 Supoort Vue Select development.
  • 🏆 Listed as a sponsor with a link on the Vue Select repo
  • 🧑🏻‍💻 Access to book a 1hr consulting call each month