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The mission of Serenity/JS is to make writing high-quality, easy-to-maintain automated tests quick, collaborative and fun, no matter the scale of your project or your team's level of experience.

We combine ideas from Behaviour-Driven Development, Domain-Driven Design, User-Centred Design, Extreme Programming and SOLID engineering to offer you a modular acceptance testing framework ready to test most types of systems you're likely to encounter.

If you appreciate all the effort that goes into making sophisticated tools easy to work with, please support our work and become a Serenity/JS GitHub Sponsor today!

How is my sponsorship invested?

Delivering new features, writing documentation, answering your questions on GitHub and Serenity/JS Community Chat, and ensuring that Serenity/JS is up-to-date with all the security patches and bug fixes take a lot of time.

We're talking about an average of 40-100 hours per maintainer per month on top of our day jobs, for which none of us is getting paid.

We're using the GitHub Sponsors program to help you get even more value out of Serenity/JS and to help us raise funds and secure more development time to make Serenity/JS better for everyone! πŸš€

So, what have you done so far?

πŸš€ We've just finished working on Serenity/JS 3.0 - a new major release that will make it easy for you to write test automation code that's reusable and portable across projects and teams.

🎭 We've completed adding support for Playwright, Playwright Test, and improving our support for WebdriverIO, so that you get one consistent API no matter what web integration tool you use!

πŸ—’οΈ Serenity/JS can produce test execution reports for several popular test runners, including Playwright Test, Mocha, Jasmine, Protractor, WebdriverIO, and is the only test automation framework on the market so support all the major versions of Cucumber.js simultaneously!

:shipit: In a true continuous delivery fashion, we're releasing new Serenity/JS builds as soon as they pass all their automated tests. This typically translates to several updates every month!

🧱 We've also created Serenity/JS Project Templates to help you get started with the framework in its most popular configurations.

What's the Next Big Thing? You decide!

Serenity/JS has ambitions to become the test automation framework to bring the popular automation and integration tools together and give you a simple, consistent, and clean API that works across all of them.

To do that, we focus on providing more integrations with tools that make web, mobile, and API testing easier. We've pinned the enhancements we're working on right now to the top of the Serenity/JS board.

Please upvote πŸ‘ the tickets you care about and let us know if there's anything else Serenity/JS could do to make your test automation life easier!

Sponsoring Serenity/JS

Becoming our GitHub Sponsor means that you appreciate our work and want to help us keep evolving the framework and the patterns it introduced for the entire test automation community.

As a thank you, you'll:

  • get to vote on the Next Big Feature 🀩
  • gain access to πŸ“” Serenity/JS Playbooks - a growing repository of advanced tutorials and our notes on best practices we've discovered

What if I change my mind?

You can cancel your sponsorship at any time, no questions asked.

Can I hire you?

Yes, you can! We can help your organisation adopt BDD, improve your test automation practices, and help modernise your systems to make them easier to test and cheaper to maintain.

We provide training, support, code review, and framework customisation services.

Let's talk and see how we can help!


Better support for API, mobile, or maybe native UI testing? How about component testing or a new reporting service? You decide! When we reach this goal, our GitHub Sponsors will vote on the Next Big Feature for Serenity/JS!

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Featured work

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    A next generation, full-stack acceptance testing framework optimised for collaboration, speed and scale!

    TypeScript 545
  2. serenity-js/serenity-js-cucumber-webdriverio-template

    Test your websites and web apps with Serenity/JS, WebdriverIO and Cucumber.js

    TypeScript 19
  3. serenity-js/serenity-js-cucumber-playwright-template

    Test your web apps with Serenity/JS, Playwright and Cucumber.js

    TypeScript 22
  4. serenity-js/serenity-js-playwright-test-template

    Test your web apps with Serenity/JS and Playwright Test

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You enjoy Serenity/JS and want to support it. You also want to learn from the experience of the Serenity/JS team and have access to our notes on best practices and patterns we've discovered.

You get:

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