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I am a doodler and computerer. I like open source, room-scale virtual reality, linux, neovim, and p2p systems. YC alum and Xoogler. Cat person.

Most of the things I build are open source. I like to switch focus on different projects every few months, so sometimes I do paid work but a lot of my projects are unpaid work that I feel needs to exist.

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Featured work

  1. urllib3/urllib3

    Python HTTP library with thread-safe connection pooling, file post support, user friendly, and more.

    Python 2,883
  2. shazow/ssh-chat

    Chat over SSH.

  3. vipnode/vipnode

    Command-line pool server, host server, and client for vipnode.

    Go 75
  4. shazow/gohttplib

    Go buildmodes prototype: Expose net/http.Server as a library with C bindings

  5. shazow/dotfiles

    Some of my . files.

    Vim script 43
  6. shazow/learning-opengl

    My notes from learning OpenGL

    Shell 20

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I'll make a stickfigure drawing for you, you can select a theme if you'd like.

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Money is just a number, and you made the number go up. A few more of these, I'll just be able to do open source full time. I don't even know what I could offer, want your name in a README or something? What is the highest honour... Hmm.

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