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Durham, NC, USA

Hi, I'm Sia Karamalegos.

I'm a co-organizer for THE Eleventy Meetup and GDG New Orleans. I'm also a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies based in New Orleans. As a developer, I love building things that help make people's lives easier. Check out Coder Ipsum for a fun developer-inspired ipsum text generator.

As a person, I also love making developer's lives easier through teaching, speaking, and mentoring. You can find more information about me and the topics I speak about on I talk about front-end topics such as web performance, Jamstack, Eleventy, JavaScript, and React. Would you like me to speak at one of your events? Email me, or DM me on Twitter!

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  1. Gratitude. When you sponsor me you're telling the world that tech organizers, speakers, writers, and open source contributors matter.
  2. Priorities. You really want to make something happen, and this is your opportunity to influence the content I produce, the projects I organize, or the support you receive.
  3. No commitments. You can cancel anytime and we can still be friends - promise.


For any sponsorship tier I pick, do I get the tier perks/rewards below it?
Yes! πŸ†

So this is a recurring donation? What if I just want to make a one-time donation?
You can now do one-time donations! In the Select a tier box, click on One-time. πŸ™

I'm on the fence. Can I email you a few more questions?
Yes! This is all very new to me and a host of other folks here on GitHub. Let's chat! πŸ’¬

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Featured work

  1. siakaramalegos/

    Eleventy version of my personal site

    Nunjucks 21
  2. siakaramalegos/netlify-plugin-cache-folder

    Netlify build plugin to cache the /_cache/ folder between builds

    JavaScript 4
  3. siakaramalegos/coder-ipsum

    A programming-inspired ipsum generator package

    JavaScript 9
  4. GDG-NewOrleans/devfest-nola-2019

    DevFest New Orleans 2019 website

    JavaScript 2
  5. siakaramalegos/images-on-the-command-line

    Tricks for image modifications using command line tools

  6. siakaramalegos/performance-almanac

    Repo for organizing and planning the 2021 Web Almanac Performance Chapter

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Get 1:1 support in a 3 hour screenshare call per month. Need help profiling your web app? Debugging JavaScript? Just want ongoing support? This is your level. πŸ“š

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Get a performance profile of one webpage with targeted, ranked suggestions for performance improvement areas to tackle. πŸ“Š


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Support a development of a new tech talk, blog post, or developer tool. I'll list you as a Content Sponsor in the post, on the slide, or in the readme. Most of these outputs require many additional hours, so this level is more support than editorial. Blog posts to be published on, but with my approval can be re-posted on your site with the canonical link set (for no SEO punishment). πŸ“