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Simon Aronsson

Norrköping, Sweden
My projects here on GitHub aim to be both free
as in freedom of speech  and free as in free beer.

To keep that up however, I could use your support.

Your sponsorship will allow me to invest more time in the open source community, where I contribute on topics such as cloud, devops and the go language. If you've made it this far, I'd like to thank you for being an awesome person and for being curious about how to support my endeavours. By donating a couple of bucks, you'd contribute towards allowing me to:

  • Attend and speak at conferences who lack the economy for covering travel and expense.
  • Spend less time contracting on closed source projects just to make a living.
  • Spend more time building and maintaining open source software like watchtower and shoutrrr.

Thank you for reading!

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You're actively contributing to making it feasible for me to do open source work.
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