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Hi! My name is Piotr Solnica and I'm a software engineer from Cracow, Poland. My Open Source journey begun in 2008 when I got involved with the Ruby community, specifically DataMapper and Merb projects. Over time I started contributing to DataMapper more and more and as a result I joined the core team in 2010. In 2011 I released Virtus which has become a very popular Ruby gem used in many applications as well as other popular gems, like Representable or Grape. At the same time I worked on the next major version of DataMapper, but the project turned out to be so different that the team decided to start a new one instead, called Ruby Object Mapper (short: rom-rb). In 2014 I realized I'm no longer interested in ORMs and because of this I decided to turn rom-rb into a functional database toolkit, which I started working on extensively in October 2014 and I continue to do so til this day. In 2015 I helped establish and evolve the dry-rb organization on GitHub, which currently includes over 20 libraries. I've written or contributed to most of them, including the most popular ones like dry-validation or dry-types.


My Open Source work will continue regardless of the financial support but what I'm planning to do is something completely new and I hope you'll find it interesting - I want to start sharing my knowledge and experience through regular articles and screencasts and that is why I need your support 😄

Depending on the sponsorship, what you should expect to see in the upcoming months may include:

  • A newsletter that will focus on providing you with the information about interesting bits from dry-rb and rom-rb (and pretty much anything else that's related) ecosystems
  • Articles on my website about all kinds of technical details behind rom-rb and dry-rb libraries, from which you'll learn a ton of cool things
  • Screencasts where I'll be showing how to use dry-rb and rom-rb Effectively™
  • All of the above may be expanded to more general, programming-related topics, depending on the interest and feedback I get from you.

Getting in touch

If you have any feedback about this page, feel free to drop me a line.

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Featured work

  1. rom-rb/rom

    Data mapping and persistence toolkit for Ruby

    Ruby 1,904
  2. rom-rb/rom-sql

    SQL support for rom-rb

    Ruby 168
  3. dry-rb/dry-validation

    Validation library with type-safe schemas and rules

    Ruby 1,084
  4. dry-rb/dry-schema

    Coercion and validation for data structures

    Ruby 248
  5. dry-rb/dry-types

    Flexible type system for Ruby with coercions and constraints

    Ruby 675
  6. dry-rb/dry-system

    Organize your code into reusable components

    Ruby 225

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