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Hi there, I'm Souradip 👋

I'm a British Physician-Scientist in-training (studying for my PhD and a medical degree from Cambridge). 🩺🧪

Reach out by email/twitter if you want to chat 😊


I'll be able to cover my server costs once I'm sponsored for $50 each month and hopefully build out some useful open source cloud services!

Featured work

  1. adtac/commento

    A fast, bloat-free comments platform (Github mirror)

  2. home-assistant/operating-system

    🔰 Home Assistant Operating System

    Shell 3,345
  3. souramoo/unapkm

    APKM file decryptor

    Java 160
  4. souramoo/party

    Multiplayer spatial video chat platform

    JavaScript 81

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