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My name is Jonny Harris. I'm a core committer to the WordPress / Gutenberg open source project. I have contributed a lot over the years to WordPress performance and I am lead in the WordPress core performance project. Over the years, I have also maintained, the REST API, Multisite, site health and users.

I have also contributed and maintain to a number of open source plugins. Including

I develop and maintain these projects, in my spare time and have done since 2013. I looking to get sponsored so I can continue to work on open source projects.

You can contact me directly with any questions.

Thank you!


Have paid for time to work on plugin work.

Current sponsors 3


Past sponsors 4


Featured work

  1. WordPress/wordpress-develop

    WordPress Develop, Git-ified. Synced from git://, including branches and tags! This repository is just a mirror of the WordPress subversion repository. Please include a li…

  2. WordPress/gutenberg

    The Block Editor project for WordPress and beyond. Plugin is available from the official repository.

    JavaScript 9,070
  3. GoogleForCreators/web-stories-wp

    Web Stories for WordPress

    JavaScript 725
  4. stuttter/wp-multi-network

    A network management interface for global multisite administrators

    PHP 210
  5. spacedmonkey/wp-rest-blocks

    Add gutenberg blocks data into post / page / widget REST API endpoints.

    PHP 110
  6. spacedmonkey/classic-menu-block

    A gutenberg block to use classic menus.

    JavaScript 12

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πŸ‘πŸ» Your support will help me maintain my open source projects. Thank you!

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⭐ Thank you for your generous support. If any of my work regularly save you time or makes you money then this is a great way to help to continue working on open source.

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If you are a company, like a agency or publisher that has benefited from my work. This is a great way to officially support those tools so I can continue adding more features to save your developers more time.

This tier include a listed as an official supporter of my WordPress plugins.

$1,000 a month


🏒 Enterprise support

If my work has impacted our business and you want to say thank you. This level of sponsorship, will help me not take paying clients, so I can work towards full time open source contributions.

You'll be listed as an official supporter of my WordPress plugins.