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Tyler Neely

Berlin & NYC

I productionize cutting-edge database research with implementations in the Rust programming language. If you've ever used sled, rocksdb from Rust, kubernetes, etcd, mesos, or most of the newsql systems, my work has reached your systems in some way. I'm currently taking a break from full-time employment to focus on open-source. Please consider supporting my efforts, which I will be writing about as I go :)

Check out this video from FOSDEM 20 for an overview of some of the projects I've been able to build with the help of sponsors over the past few years.

53 sponsors are funding spacejam’s work.


Featured work

  1. spacejam/sled

    the champagne of beta embedded databases

    Rust 5,372
  2. spacejam/rio

    pure rust io_uring library, built on libc, thread & async friendly, misuse resistant

    Rust 698
  3. spacejam/tla-rust

    writing correct lock-free and distributed stateful systems in Rust, assisted by TLA+

    TLA 909
  4. rust-rocksdb/rust-rocksdb

    rust wrapper for rocksdb

    Rust 996
  5. void-rs/void

    terminal-based personal organizer

    Rust 891
  6. flamegraph-rs/flamegraph

    Easy flamegraphs for Rust projects and everything else, without Perl or pipes <3

    Rust 2,159

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$50 a month


Support book budget for learning new techniques to apply to Rust systems

$150 a month


Fund server costs for intensive fuzz and crash testing of sled

$1,500 a month


Your team sees increased productivity while using sled or other tools that I've written

$5,000 a month


sled's performance and reliability provide a competitive advantage to your business