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Piotr Migdał

Warsaw, Poland

Hi, I am Piotr, and my surname means an Almond!

I am a freelance deep learning consultant with a Ph.D. in quantum physics, and @pmigdal.

Curiosity is the primary motivation in my life. But there is one thing I enjoy more than learning: sharing knowledge. I do whatever it takes: simplifying ideas, writing code, creating interactive data visualizations, or even - developing games.

I book 30% of my time for projects for the public good. I believe that as much possible knowledge should be free and accessible. So, I write technical blog posts, contribute to open source projects, lead collaborative projects, organize events, give workshops to students and mentor people.


Blog posts

Open source projects

See for more. Right now I focus on:

Moreover, I am not afraid of edgy projects, see e.g. Does AI have a dirty mind, too? by one of my mentees.


I want to keep it free and open-source. As you imagine, it all takes time and effort. Every contribution gives:

  • ⏰ Time I can safely use to develop such projects.
  • ❤️ Support and motivation. There are ups and downs.
  • 🙋‍♀️ A person to be accountable to. I have ADHD and finishing things just for myself is hard. Finishings things for you will be easier!

Reaching this goal will mean that people care about open source projects I develop and motivate me to keep going. :)

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Past sponsors 6

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Featured work

  1. stared/quantum-game

    Quantum Game (old version) - a puzzle game with real quantum mechanics in a browser

    JavaScript 337
  2. stared/science-based-games-list

    Science-based games - a collaborative list

  3. stared/livelossplot

    Live training loss plot in Jupyter Notebook for Keras, PyTorch and others

    Python 1,294
  4. stared/interactive-machine-learning-list

    A collaborative list of interactive Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Statistics websites

    JavaScript 429
  5. stared/thinking-in-tensors-writing-in-pytorch

    Thinking in tensors, writing in PyTorch (a hands-on deep learning intro)

    Jupyter Notebook 328
  6. Quantum-Game/quantum-game-2

    LEGACY open-source version of Quantum Game 2 (Sept 2019 - Oct 2020)

    Vue 63

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