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Stefan Buck

Stuttgart, Germany

👋 Hello there! I'm Stefan, creator and maintainer of OctoLinker, a browser extension that allows you to navigate through code on GitHub much more efficiently. OctoLinker is trusted by over 25,000 developers and is my most favored side project in the past five years.

In the past, I contributed to Yeoman, a scaffolding tool for modern webapps. From time to time I contribute to various Open Source projects mostly through code.

If you find the work I do with OctoLinker or my other OSS contribution valuable, then I’d really appreciate it if you show show your appreciation by supporting me here on GitHub.

Thank you very much!

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$1 a month


The token of appreciation tier! I'll get the knowledge that you support what I'm doing, and you'll get:

  • A cool GitHub sponsor badge on your profile. 🎖
  • My sincere gratitude 🙇

$2 a month


☕️ Coffee Tier

  • You will keep the coffee flowing
  • A cool GitHub sponsor badge on your profile. 🎖

$5 a month


🐙 Sticker Tier

  • You will receive three OctoLinker stickers
  • A cool GitHub sponsor badge on your profile. 🎖

This is a great way to show your appreciation for my open source work. 👍

$25 a month


📞 Better Call Stefan Tier

  • Let's have a 30min video call (once a month) about whatever you want! Code review, architecture guidance, career advice, you name it.
  • A cool GitHub sponsor badge on your profile. 🎖

$50 a month


💖 Supporter Tier

  • Includes everything from the $25 tier
  • Your company logo on the OctoLinker repository
  • Get a shout-out on Twitter
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