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Hi there, I'm Stefan, a full stack developer working from Zurich, Switzerland.

I love working on open-source software that makes the work of others easier. Be it with Laravel or JavaScript packages others can install in their applications, or GitHub Actions Actions that make the administrative work around open source projects easier.

In my free time I've built and maintain a couple of open-source projects you might have come across:

  • git-auto-commit: The GitHub Action for committing files for the 80% use case. Used by organisations like GitHub, Shopify, Bun, Laravel and more than 40'000 others projects to improve their CI workflows.
  • changelog-updater Action: A GitHub Action to automatically add the latest release note to the of a project. Used by more than 4'000 projects, it helps improve the developer experience for thousands users.
  • sidecar-browsershot: Connecting two great Laravel packages (Sidecar and Browsershot), sidecar-browsershot allows one to generate screenshots or PDFs by using AWS Lambda. No need to install puppeteer on your servers.
  • laravel-stats: A PHP package to get insights into your Laravel projects. Shows statistics about the number of classes, lines of codes and more for all your Controllers, Models, Commands and more.
  • laravel-sends: A Laravel package that keeps track of all outgoing emails. Works great when paired with other services like AWS SES to track if certain mails have been delivered.

I'm also the creator of, a SaaS that allows you to generate screenshots and PDFs of websites or your own code. Since it's inception in 2014, we generated more than 15 million screenshots for thousands of developers across the globe.

I also regularly write on my blog about programming and productivity. Some all time favourites are Deployer on GitHub Actions, articles on my Things 3 Setup, usage of Alfred or Getting Started with Bash Testing with Bats.

I love working on open-source projects. Whether it's writing code, writing documentation or helping out in the issue tracker or discussions in my projects. This type of work brings a great joy to my life as I can help other people reach their goals through software.

In the future, I would like to spend more time on open-source.
If you like what I'm doing, consider supporting me with one of the sponsor plans here or with a one-time donation. This will allow me to spend more time on current and future open-source projects.

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Thank you so much for you support! ❤️
- Stefan

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Featured work

  1. stefanzweifel/git-auto-commit-action

    Automatically Commit changed Files back to GitHub with GitHub Actions for the 80% use case.

    Shell 1,215
  2. stefanzweifel/changelog-updater-action

    A GitHub Action to automatically update a "Keep a Changelog" CHANGELOG with the latest release notes.

    Dockerfile 85
  3. stefanzweifel/sidecar-browsershot

    A Sidecar function to run Browsershot on Lambda.

    PHP 124
  4. stefanzweifel/laravel-sends

    A package to keep track of outgoing emails in your Laravel application.

    PHP 113
  5. stefanzweifel/laravel-stats

    📈 Get insights about your Laravel or Lumen Project

  6. stefanzweifel/php-changelog-updater

    PHP CLI to add latest release notes to a CHANGELOG

    PHP 16

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