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I'm working on a wide range of tools to improve programmer productivity and overall happiness.

I've built a lot of components for front-end frameworks (Vue, React and Angular). I also maintain some exciting open-source projects such as code transpilers and ready-made building tools.

Your generous financial support is my motivation to keep moving forward.

You can see more of my technical achievements on my personal website.


It would mean the world to me if I had 16 sponsors. 💖

Current sponsors 2


Past sponsors 13


Featured work

  1. surmon-china/vue-awesome-swiper

    🏆 Swiper component for @vuejs

    JavaScript 12,683
  2. surmon-china/nodepress

    🟢 RESTful API service for blog, powered by @nestjs

    TypeScript 1,244
  3. surmon-china/

    My digital garden, powered by @vuejs

  4. veactjs/veact

    Mutable state enhancer library for React based on @vuejs

    TypeScript 67
  5. surmon-china/naivebayes

    NaiveBayes classifier for JavaScript

    JavaScript 138
  6. surmon-china/vue-codemirror

    @codemirror code editor component for @vuejs

    TypeScript 2,804

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