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Shanghai, China

I'm working on a wide range of tools to improve programmer productivity and overall happiness.

I've built a lot of components for front-end frameworks (Vue, React and Angular). I also maintain some exciting open-source projects such as code transpilers and ready-made building tools.

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Featured work

  1. surmon-china/vue-awesome-swiper

    🏆 Swiper component for @vuejs

    TypeScript 11,693
  2. surmon-china/naivebayes

    📊 Naive Bayes classifier for JavaScript

    JavaScript 128
  3. surmon-china/vue-quill-editor

    🍡@quilljs editor component for @vuejs

    JavaScript 6,656
  4. surmon-china/

    🆒 My personal website and blog, powered by @vuejs (3)

  5. surmon-china/nodepress

    😎 RESTful API service for blog, powered by @nestjs

    TypeScript 907
  6. surmon-china/angular-admin

    🔏Admin client for blog powered by @angular and Bootstrap4

    TypeScript 361

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