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Describing myself in a few bullets:

  • Dutch 🇳🇱
  • Software architect by day (mainly C#)
  • Home automation enthousiast by evening/night/weekends

Last few years I developed a lot of small applications revolving around the house.

More home automation ⭐️

A lot of people use my libraries, my sonos-text-to-speech server has over 48k of pulls on dockerhub. And sonos2mqtt has over 237k pulls. Those are some big numbers. I would like to spend more time on developing those apps to automate your (and mine) house, people sponsoring me would allow me to do just that.

Sonos party mode 🎉💿

I’m playing with the idea to build a Sonos party DJ app, where all your guests can vote for the next song. TV display with the current and next 3 songs with their vote count, admin screen to set things up and overrule the queue and a simple voting screen.

Having a lot of sponsors would help me devote time to this awesome idea.

Recurring or One-time sponsoring?

I have some monthly and some one-time sponsoring tiers. Pick the one that fits your budget. Your support is greatly appreciated!

More info

Recently I've created my Github pages website it has even more information about me and all my projects.

Checkout all the other repositories or npm packages.

European companies 🏢

If your company would like to sponsor me, I'm able to provide you with an official (Dutch) VAT invoice, but please contact me up-front to get the correct details. Fellow Dutch people, I can also send you a tikkie, just send me a message with the amount you would like to sponsor.


Reaching ten sponsors would really motivate me to spend some more time on open-source home automation stuff. 🤩 I really want to build a Sonos party dj app, but time is some what limited right now.

Current sponsors 1


Past sponsors 13

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Featured work

  1. svrooij/node-sonos-ts

    🔈 Sonos control library, use this library in your own appliction.

    TypeScript 63
  2. svrooij/sonos2mqtt

    🔈 Sonos mqtt controller. Control your speakers from your mqtt server. mqtt-smarthome insprired.

    TypeScript 61
  3. svrooij/sonos-cli

    🔈 Sonos command line interface, control your speakers right from the console.

  4. svrooij/sonos-api-docs

    🔊 📖 Sonos api documentation for the local UPNP api and a generator to generate clients based on service discovery

    TypeScript 19
  5. svrooij/smartmeter2mqtt

    Publish data from your Smart meter with a P1 interface to you MQTT server.

    TypeScript 27
  6. svrooij/tcp-server

    Telnet socket made easy


10% towards 10 monthly sponsors goal


NicBrain sponsors this goal

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$ a month

Choose a custom amount. There are no rewards associated with this sponsorship.

$5 a month


Coffee Support

I'll have a coffee on you, feel free to join if you're in town Eindhoven, NL

$25 a month


Beer sponsor 🍺

Most of the home automation development happens after hours, a nice beer makes it so much comfortable. I like my triple beers or a La Chouffe. Feel free to join when it town Eindhoven, NL.

$50 a month


The Professional 👩🏻‍💻

You really appreciate my work as an open-source developer.

Any questions? You'll get my personal email and you will absolutely get an answer.

$100 a month


The Agency 🧳

You also work in IT (or plan to do so) and want some advise on how to get started?

Let's schedule a montly half-hour-long video call to chat about what ever (non-commercial) topic you would like to discuss. E.g. your carreer, open source projects, home automation. I'm open to ideas.

$500 a month


Company Sponsor 🥈

You're very serious about sponsoring my open-source projects, love it. Tell me which project you like most and I'll put a logo in the readme file (and/or documentation), with a link back to a website of your choosing.

European company? Let's discuss details on how to make this sponsorship more tax friendly. We can provide you with an official (Dutch) VAT invoice.