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SwiftWasm compiles your Swift code to WebAssembly. Build apps with Swift and run them in browsers, cloud, or in a safe sandboxed environment as plugins, wherever WebAssembly is supported.

We maintain a fork of the Swift toolchain, with patches regularly submitted to upstream repositories. Our goal is to eventually make the official Swift distribution ready for WebAssembly out of the box. In the meantime we provide our own toolchain distributions that are easy to install. We also maintain libraries and developer tools that make developer experience with SwiftWasm as smooth as possible.

Our team includes (in alphabetical order): @carson-katri, @j-f1, @kateinoigakukun, @MaxDesiatov, @RayZhao1998, @thecb4, @yonihemi.

Your sponsorship will cover our domain name registration, hosting CI agents for expanding platform support, and other related costs. It will allow us to spend more time on maintaining SwiftWasm projects and making Swift available on all possible platforms through WebAssembly.

If you have any questions about our sponsorship tiers (e.g. you need a custom payment amount or would like to make a single payment instead of a monthly subscription) or redeeming perks, please send a DM to @SwiftWasm on Twitter, or contact one of the maintainers on our Discord server.


500 sponsors could fund full-time work of at least one maintainer.

Current sponsors 18


Past sponsors 8

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Featured work

  1. swiftwasm/swift

    WebAssembly support for the Swift programming language

  2. swiftwasm/JavaScriptKit

    Swift framework to interact with JavaScript through WebAssembly.

    Swift 540
  3. swiftwasm/carton

    📦 Watcher, bundler, and test runner for your SwiftWasm apps

    Swift 301
  4. swiftwasm/awesome-swiftwasm

    A community-driven curated list of SwiftWasm projects and content

  5. swiftwasm/swiftwasm-pad

    swiftwasm-pad is a online playground to help developers learn about Swift on Web.

    Swift 50
  6. swiftwasm/WasmTransformer

    A Swift package for reading, writing, and transformation of WebAssembly binaries

    Swift 34

3% towards 500 monthly sponsors goal

@timdonnelly @PSchmiedmayer
@fcanas @flowkey @stevenchan @jnordberg @markmals

timdonnelly and 17 others sponsor this goal

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🥉 Bronze Sponsor - get a response to your issues/pull requests in projects we maintain within one working day.

$100 a month


🥈 Silver Sponsor - get the benefits of all of the tiers above and get one half an hour call per month with one of our maintainers, where we can consult and help with anything related to our open-source projects.

$250 a month


🥇 Gold Sponsor - get the benefits of all of the tiers above, with your name/logo/link featured in README files of our 5 most popular projects.

$500 a month


💫 Platinum Sponsor - get the benefits of all of the tiers above, but your name/logo/link can be featured at the top of README files of our 5 most popular projects.