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Thomas Viehmann


I do a lot of work on PyTorch, where I am a core developer and working on various bits from core computational facilities to JIT to across the board bug fixing. I also wrote some things using PyTorch, e.g. LOTranslate, a machine translation extension for LibreOffice. I blog about PyTorch work and tips and tricks.

There are some projects where there is general interest, but no-one is currently picking them up. These include things like deterministic CUDA kernels that you can now crowdfund.

Past achievements in PyTorch include

  • Sped up GPU BatchNorm to be among the fastest implementations
  • Implemented PyTorch's native CTC Loss
  • Implemented torch.einsum
  • Implemented JIT optimizations for fast training for (generalized) LSTMs
  • Initial version of type hints used for autocompletion
  • Initial port of PyTorch to Android

Popular projects

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$2 a month


Thank you! ☕️, 🍫, 💻 makes me a happy hacker. I'll send short updates with what I worked on each month.

$5 a month


Thank you! I can hack more on PyTorch and spend more time on the discussion forums thanks to your support. (And my robot project will love the hardware I'll spend it on.)

I'll send short updates with what I worked on each month.

$25 a month


At this level of commitment, you can vote on which of the the features I am working on should be prioritized.
I will be in touch with you features I am panning to be working on.

Your name will be on the sponsorship list of my blog.

$100 a month


This allows me to hack on PyTorch and my other projects more by scaling back on other paid work.

I will answer your E-Mail questions on a best effort basis (similar to the standard I have on the PyTorch discussion forum, but 1-1; I expect to get ~1-2 questions per month from you).

In addition to voting on features I am working on, you can also point me to PyTorch issues that are important to you and I will prioritize working on them.

Small print: This works for things that a) are generally wanted and b) are reasonably sized c) I know how to fix. I have no superpower over PR acceptance in PyTorch.

You name will appear on the sponsorship list of my blog.

$500 a month


In addition to the above and funding my work on PyTorch, you can choose between

  • me creating a public tutorial on a topic we agree on on my blog that has your sponsorship mentioned (once per 2 months),
  • we set up a 1 hour/month remote training on your topics,
  • you can participate in my Munich workshops (once per 2 months).

(There is a limit of how many of these I can do, I am tentatively saying <=10.)

$1000 a month


In addition to the perks of the lower levels, I will set time aside to work on the models and features we agree on.
If you are in Europe, I will visit you once per year to say thank you and chat about what we are going to do next.

(There is a limit of 7 of these and higher levels.)

$6000 a month


This is the golden tier. You can afford it and you show it.

I will work on PyTorch and other open source projects 1 day per week from this.
You get a say on projects (PyTorch, or an privacy-respecting (offline) intelligent personal assistant or robotics, ...).

(If any, I am taking at most 3 of these and they reduce the number of lower tier sponsorships I can handle without overselling.)

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