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my name is Thomas Andraschko and I am software developer and software consultant from Bavaria / Germany.
I'm founder of PrimeFaces Extensions and I spend a lot of spare time in open source projects around Java/Jakarta EE:

Framework Description Link
PrimeFaces The (probably) most popular UI library for Java/JakartaEE
PrimeFaces Extensions Additional components for PrimeFaces
PrimeFaces Arquillian A library for easy testing of PrimeFaces applications
Apache DeltaSpike The Swiss Knife for Java/JakartaEE applications
Apache MyFaces The JSF implementation from Apache
Apache OpenWebBeans The CDI implementation from Apache
Apache BVal The Bean Validation implementation from Apache
Quarkus MyFaces A Quarkus extension for JSF / MyFaces

As I also use all of those projects in my daily work as a software developer, I have a huge interest in maintaining those projects for many years.
But as maintaining those libraries is very time consuming, i would be very happy to get some sponsoring to buy some beer ;)

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$5 a month


You are a happy user of a framework that I maintain (probably PrimeFaces?) and you would like to send me ~2 beer each month!

$20 a month


You are a happy power-user of a framework that I maintain (probably PrimeFaces?) and your dailyjob would be worse without its existence. Therefore, you want to make a larger contribution to keep my work on those frameworks alive.

You are also happy that i try to answer questions from time to time on Github, Stackoverflow, mailing lists or in the forum.

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