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I enjoy creating open source web applications related to the cryptocurrency space.

My biggest project is Open Crypto Tracker, which is an open source / free private cryptocurrency portfolio manager / tracker. It supports multiple exchanges / base pairs, allows easily adding your favorite coin markets, and creating price charts / price alerts for those markets. It's been refined since 2014, and includes many advanced features like margin leverage support, spreadsheet import / export, error logging, and emailed chart backups to name a few. It has support for over 40 exchanges (including DeFi), and over 80 market pairings (country fiat currency or secondary crypto). A public demo is available to take for a test drive.

I also have a smaller project called Slideshow Crypto Ticker. This is a real-time multi-crypto price ticker, meant to run on a small LCD screen for Raspberry Pi devices. It supports a "slideshow mode" that cycles through multiple price tickers, and can render the ticker text in any font available at Google Fonts using emulated monospacing (which keeps the numbers from "jumping around" while updating in real-time). It currently supports over 10 exchanges.

Both Open Crypto Tracker and Slideshow Crypto Ticker have automatic bash install scripts available for Raspberry Pi devices, which guide you through automatic installation / setup of the applications on (debian-based) systems.

ANY feedback on my apps is greatly appreciated, including issue reports or feature requests.

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Featured work

  1. taoteh1221/Open_Crypto_Tracker

    Bitcoin / Alts private portfolio tracker, with email / text / alexa / telegram price alerts, charts, leverage support and much more.

    PHP 78
  2. taoteh1221/Slideshow_Crypto_Ticker

    Real Time Slideshow Crypto Price Ticker For Raspberry Pi LCD Screens

    JavaScript 53
  3. taoteh1221/Bluetooth_Internet_Radio

    Fully automated setup of bluetooth and an internet radio player (PyRadio), on a headless RaspberryPi, connecting to a stereo system's bluetooth receiver.

    Shell 3

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