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Thank you for your support, all your contributions allow me to continue my many hours of work on open source.

I am an opensource developer working mainly on Gitea, but also maintain:

  • docker_auth - an Authentication server for Docker Registry 2
  • Goth - Auth library to integrate with many providers
  • XGO - a Go CGO cross compiler
  • Caddy-S3Browser - Caddy plugin to generate file indexes of S3 buckets to browse via Web Client
  • XORMigrate - Migration helper for Xorm ORM
  • several ansible modules for azure
  • (and many more)

Contributed to:

  • DexIDP - Go OpenID Connect Identity Provider
  • Viper - Go Configuration Library
  • DroneIO - CI written in Go
  • (and many more)

Package maintainer:
I maintain many packages for NixOS, Archlinux and Alpine linux.

Also one of the community maintainers of the drone-plugins organization which is a GitHub org of many community maintained DroneIO CI plugins

Other ways to support:

Ways to contact:
See my GitHub profile for my email address

Caveats: By sponsoring me there is no SLA for response times in the private sponsors chatroom. I can only provide that for the corporate sponsor tier as needed.

2 sponsors are funding techknowlogick’s work.


By reaching this goal of 20 sponsors I will be able to subsidize some of the purchases I make to ensure the opensource projects I build/work on are tested thoroughly.


Featured work

  1. techknowlogick/xgo

    Go CGO cross compiler

    Shell 253
  2. go-gitea/gitea

    Git with a cup of tea, painless self-hosted git service

  3. techknowlogick/caddy-s3browser

    Caddy plugin to generate file indexes of S3 buckets to browse via Web Client

    Go 49
  4. cesanta/docker_auth

    Authentication server for Docker Registry 2

  5. markbates/goth

    Package goth provides a simple, clean, and idiomatic way to write authentication packages for Go web applications.

  6. NixOS/nixpkgs

    Nix Packages collection

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