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Stargirl Flowers

Atlanta, Georgia

Hi there, I'm Stargirl. I spend my time creating open-source software, hardware, and documentation. My three big projects in 2023 are:

  • KiCanvas - web based, interactive, open source viewer for KiCAD boards, schematics, symbols, and footprints (coming soon!)
  • Winterbloom - a truly open source company building synthesizers and musical machines.
  • LumenPnP - an affordable, open source pick and place machine for mid-scale manufacturing.

In addition to those main quests, I'm also:

  • An Open Source Hardware Association board member.
  • Writing high-quality, detailed blog posts about hardware design, firmware, open source, and Python at
  • Maintaining various open source projects

I'd like to recognize the following sponsors for their significant support:

  • @Mythra
  • @dslik
  • @jeremycole
  • @jeremysf
  • @ntpopgetdope

Give me the time and resources to focus on KiCanvas as well as add additional features by taking financial pressure off of my other projects.

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Featured work

  1. JavaScript 40
  2. wntrblm/Gingerbread

    Web-based tool for creating artistic PCBs

  3. wntrblm/nox

    Flexible test automation for Python

    Python 1,036
  4. theacodes/witchhazel

    A dark, feminine color theme.

    Python 79
  5. theacodes/vscode-qalc

    Superpowered calcuator for VSCode using Qalculate!

    TypeScript 11

91% towards $1,600 per month goal

@HAIL9000 @glasnt
@iliana @gmackie @medecau @jeremycole @donokuda

HAIL9000 and 81 others sponsor this goal

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$5 a month


Sponsor-only updates: I publish an update once every two weeks with details about ongoing projects.

$25 a month


Early Access - this tier grants you early access to KiCanvas and other projects.
Discord - you can join the sponsor-only channel in our Discord.

Includes everything in the $5 tier as well.

$75 a month


Special thanks - I'll include your @ and/or name in the special thanks section of whichever project you'd like.
Stickers - If you'd like, I'll send you some fun stickers.

Includes everything in the $25 and $5 tiers.

$250 a month


Feature request - I'll prioritize something you'd like, but please, reach out to me first!!!
Your name on the website - I'll put your name in the special thanks section of the KiCanvas, Gingerbread, or Winterbloom website.
Feature your work - If you'd like, I can show off your work in KiCanvas or Gingerbread, or I can give it a shout-out on Twitter & Mastodon.

Includes everything in the $75, $25, and $5 tiers.