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I'm a software engineer. I consult through Osaka Red LLC. I blog on tech stuff here and livestream open source coding sessions on twitch.

I'm behind the open source haxe audio libs haxe grig, plus some other stuff and my aim is to make high-quality copy center (MIT or BSD) code that anyone can freely and easily use.


Reaching this goal will make my open source efforts worth it as it shows that there are sponsors who also believe in the work I'm doing.

Featured work

  1. osakared/grig.synth

    Stuff in haxe to create and modify audio. Mirror of

    Haxe 10
  2. osakared/

    Audio primitives for haxe grig. This is the mirror of the official at

    Haxe 8

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I will give you a shoutout when doing livestreaming of development on grig.