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Hello! I'm Thomas and I spend my days developing open source software for the web, specifically tools that helps other web developers learn or get their work done.

My most popular projects are Bootswatch and Flexbox Froggy. My time is split between updating, bug-fixing, and maintaining the following projects:

Web Libraries

  • Bootswatch - a library of free and open source Bootstrap themes
  • Scoper - a polyfill for scoped HTML styles elements
  • PubCSS - a framework for formatting academic publications in HTML and CSS

Learning Resources

Productivity Tools

  • Glyphsearch - a tool for finding font icons
  • FontCDN - a better tool for searching Google Fonts

WordPress Ecosystem

  • Snowball - a WP plugin for authoring expressive long-form articles
  • WP Link in Bio - a WP plugin for generating a clickable page to put in your Instagram profile (coming soon)

Wacky Side Projects

  • Rotary - a retro web input for phone numbers
  • CRAPCHA - Completely Ridiculous And Phony CAPTCHA that Hassles for Amusement
  • Slow Down × Terrace House - a Chrome browser plugin that replaces the theme song on Netflix with a fan favorite
  • Cinnamon.js - a library to find in-page content by synonym, using the browser's built-in find function

With your support, I will continue developing these useful and less useful (but still fun) projects for the web community. Thank you!

Featured work

  1. thomaspark/bootswatch

    Themes for Bootstrap

    JavaScript 13,208
  2. thomaspark/flexboxfroggy

    A game for learning CSS flexbox 🐸

    JavaScript 5,227
  3. thomaspark/gridgarden

    A game for learning CSS grid layout 🥕

    JavaScript 2,281
  4. thomaspark/pubcss

    Format academic publications in HTML & CSS

    SCSS 726
  5. thomaspark/glyphsearch

    Search for icons from Font Awesome, Glyphicons, IcoMoon, Ionicons, and Octicons

    JavaScript 451
  6. thomaspark/snowball

    A WordPress plugin for making immersive longform articles

    JavaScript 86

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