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Thomas Wang

Los Angeles, CA

Who am I?

Hi everyone! I'm Thomas, a software developer currently living in Los Angeles. My passion is creating new things with modern technology, in a way that embraces minimalism. I love sharing my demos, templates, tutorials, and open source projects with the developer community to make all our lives just a little bit easier. Sometimes these things cost money, from domains, to service fees, to learning materials.

I'm also building a platform for student developers called DormDev, offering access to courses, resources, and tools from other great people and organizations on the web. The web can teach you everything you need to be a good developer, but I know firsthand how difficult it is to distill the quality of learning materials online. Breaking into tech is an extremely personal subject for me, so I plan to use this platform as a way to help launch early tech careers.


Your sponsorship will allow me to offset some of my development costs, and allow me to spend more time providing value to the developer community.

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