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Since 2009 I maintain 2 released server projects:

  1. "rupy" - Distr. HTTP App. Server & JSON DB -
  2. "fuse" - Multiplayer Online System -

I'm also working on 2 unreleased client projects:

  1. "mesh" - P2P radio internet protocol and device -
  2. "park" - C+ Khronos (OpenGL/AL and Collada) game client -

The dependencies of the projects are:

  1. JavaSE <- rupy <- fuse <- mesh/park
  2. GLEW <- park

The dream is to be able to run "park" on the "mesh" device,
which will be ARM/Linux, but first X86/Windows!

Sponsorship is without guarantees and with a literal dead line. If you have doubts that I'll be able to pull it off in time, here's my proof of concept game for the multiplayer technology which was made between 2012 and 2014 in my spare time:

The radio mesh is higher risk and potential reward, but a simple "Host your own base station and receive mails on a pager like device within 1 hop range" is definitely doable and maybe useful depending on LoRa and eventually better radio technologies that hopefully come later.

The rewards for the different sponsor tiers will follow naturally with the respective project you choose to sponsor. So for example, the fuse/park will give you a commercial usage licence and maybe an account on the reference implementation of these projects.

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