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Hi, I'm Tilo Prütz and I'm into computers and programming since I was ten. This was back in the dark days of the down-going GDR (East-Germany) and I had the luck to get access to an Atari 800XL which was hot stuff for us back then.
Since then I developed software in many different languages on many different platforms for fun and to earn my living. I'm eager to work on open source software as I am happy that there is so much and useful of it out there.

Current Work

At the moment my favourite programming language is Go and the most time working on open source software I spent as a core developer on Fyne toolkit which is a really fyne ;) UI framework.
I contribute to a lot of open source projects. Mostly because I use them and provide bugfixes or feature enhancements.
Besides that I work on a MPD client including an HTTP audio stream player. This is still closed source because it is my very first Go project and need some clean-up before it will be published as OSS on GitHub soon (2020/Q1 at latest).

Previous Work

Besides many of smaller contributions to many OSS projects to fix bugs or add nice-to-have features I worked on my own Objective-C foundation framework as cross-platform replacement of Apple's foundation.
I also invented my own unit testing framework TUnit for Objective-C because back then OCUnit was unusable (at least for me). It was first inspired by the JUnit framework and later got a lot of nice features inspired by RSpec.

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You show your appreciation for open source software and raise my motivation to spend more of my spare time to make open source projects like Fyne even better.


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Gimme Coffee

This will pay some coffee which helps me staying awake through late night OSS hacking.


Everything from the Thank You tier plus:

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When I'm hungry, I can't concentrate on cool features. Buy me a lunch and make me productive again.


Everything from the Gimme Coffee tier plus:

  • 15 minutes online chat each month about the topic of your choice.

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Show that you're using my work and interested in its further development.


Everything from the Gimme Lunch tier plus:

  • additional 15 minutes online chat or call about the topic of your choice
  • additional 3 votes for prioritizing my OSS tasks

$100 a month


Fix My Bug

You need a certain bug in one of my OSS projects being fixed? Tell me about it and I'll do it!


Everything from the VIP tier plus:

  • You can select an accepted bug to fix in one of the OSS projects I'm involved.
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