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Hello! I'm Torbjørn Ludvigsen

I've been publishing my RepRap, Open Source Hardware, and Open Source work since 2014. My biggest project is a 3d printer called Hangprinter. I'm quite passionate about solving problems once and for all in a way that benefits everyone. So I publish everything I do on the web.

Hangprinter is unique because it's cable driven, self-replicating, unencumbered by patents or copyright, and it uses the room as its frame, so it's big when you use it and small when you park it or transport it. It's extremely cheap, and has support in major firmwares. It uses simple hardware.

Hangprinter is also challenging to develop because it needs more power/speed than small 3d printer need, and much more advanced software than boxed 3d-printers need, particularly for calibration, reliability, safety and accuracy control.

It has been possible to bootstrap Hangprinter because it's spectacular. People get inspired, happy, and creative by seeing its promise. Other developers takes on the challenge of Hangprinting with great fervor. The enthusiasm spills back onto me, and also gives views, likes, and donations that fuels my development efforts forwards.

My current focus is to also make Hangprinter practically useful. I'm working out of my office in Gothenburg, Sweden, where I live with my wife.

Funds will be used to buy hardware, pay internet & electricity bills, pay rent etc.

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I imagine this is the grey area between how much an individual can normally afford, and how little a company or institution would normally spend time bothering about. Be the colorful one who cheer up this grey area, and get a big big Thank You from me personally! ❤️

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You must love, or rely heavily on, my work. Thanks for giving back, you're awesome 🙏👐🙏👐🙏👐🙏👐

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Even a single contributor in this tier would be enough to keep Hangprinter open source, and keep me full-time on it. If you're rich and desperate to keep my open source Hangprinter development going, this tier is for you.