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I have been working with R, SQL and Python since 2010 and started to contribute back to the open source community in 2015. I live in Seattle where I am thoroughly enjoying the outdoors life (and open source development when it's too rainy outside). I work for a Design firm as a Data Scientist for projects related to the built environment that support the greater good of communities across the nation.

All contributions will help support new open source that I develop and help maintain the existing projects that I currently have.


10 sponsors would cover my time for maintenance of my open source packages

Featured work

  1. tomroh/bcputility

    R package for fast bulk imports/exports from/to SQL Server with the bcp command line utility

  2. tomroh/leaflegend

    Provides extensions to the leaflet R package to customize legends with images, text styling, orientation, sizing, and symbology.

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