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Hey, I'm @rob-gordon. I create projects and partnerships to help advance the web. My focus is on tools-for-thought, design systems, and augmented-creativity.

Recent Projects

Flowchart Fun

Social Impact

Technology can be used for good and I believe it's our responsibility to ensure it's used positively. My mission is to use my open-source work to empower nonprofits, community organizations, and anyone working to make the world a more resilient and equitable place. For example, since 2021 I have partnered with TRACTOR Food & Farms, building apps to help source and distribute of locally-grown food in the Appalachia. Read more here.

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I have several big projects in the works and I'm continuing to add features, improvements, and updates to Flowchart Fun on a full-time basis.

Your sponsorship can help me dedicate more time to these projects and push them to the finish line, making them available to the world.

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  1. tone-row/flowchart-fun

    Easily generate flowcharts and diagrams from text ⿻

    TypeScript 3,088

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