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I make various things on top of Matrix, such as the Telegram and WhatsApp bridges, the maubot bot system and gomuks, a TUI client for Matrix. I also occasionally contribute to other Matrix projects, like element-web and synapse.

List of current projects



Both of my client frameworks support appservices, end-to-end encryption and more.

  • mautrix-go - Go Matrix framework. Used by mautrix-whatsapp/imessage, mautrixfs, gomuks and also's go-neb
  • mautrix-python - Python Matrix framework. Used by maubot and all my bridges except mautrix-whatsapp/imessage.

Other stuff

  • gomuks - A terminal based Matrix client written in Go.
  • maubot - A plugin-based Matrix bot system.
  • stickerpicker - A fast and simple Matrix sticker picker widget.
  • mauliasproxy - A simple Matrix room alias proxy to generate vanity addresses without a full homeserver.

Old (mostly unmaintained) things

  • mautrix-manager - A web interface for managing bridges.
  • mautrixfs - A Matrix client as a FUSE filesystem.
  • mautrix-amp - A hacky Matrix-Android Messages for Web bridge using puppeteer. I intend to replace this with a proper android app based bridge eventually. Replaced by
  • mautrix-twilio - WhatsApp business bridge using Twilio. Could also be used as an SMS bridge with minor modifications. Currently not very maintained, but should still work.


  • whatsmeow - A Go library for the WhatsApp web multidevice API. Made for mautrix-whatsapp.
  • mauview - A Go TUI library based on tcell. Made for gomuks.
  • maumirror - A GitHub repo mirroring system using webhooks. This is how I mirror all my projects to
  • maulu - A fairly simple URL shortening service.
  • gopacked - A simple text-based Minecraft modpack manager.
  • mauCapture - A simple screenshot program.

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Featured work

  1. tulir/gomuks

    A terminal based Matrix client written in Go.

  2. maubot/maubot

    A plugin-based Matrix bot system.

    Python 477
  3. mautrix/telegram

    A Matrix-Telegram hybrid puppeting/relaybot bridge

    Python 935
  4. mautrix/whatsapp

    A Matrix-WhatsApp puppeting bridge

  5. mautrix/go

    A Golang Matrix framework.

  6. mautrix/python

    A Python 3 asyncio Matrix framework.

    Python 113

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