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Thomas Steen Rasmussen

Copenhagen, Denmark

Developer and system architect born in 1979 in Copenhagen, Denmark. I build and run systems, preferably using FreeBSD, PostgreSQL and Django. I have a healthy interest in infosec, and I dabble in networking. I know a bit about DNS, email and other core internet standards.

By now I've spent most of my career in the ISP business building provisioning and support systems, but at the moment I work for a small Danish tech startup as a system architect, developer and security lead. As a side-hustle I do occasional consulting and teach classes on various subjects like DNS, encryption, IPv6, email security and more.

I've built UncensoredDNS, Hushfile, Certgrinder, Buddyledger, TLSscout, Ansible roles for FreeBSD, and many other things. I am one of the BornHack organisers and I've built most of the BornHack website. All my projects are freely available and open-source, usually under a BSD license.

I recently went from a 5-day to a 4-day workweek to free up more time to work on my projects. I am hoping to cover some of the income reduction through Github sponsorships. So if you feel like you've benefited from something I'm doing, and you want to ensure I have time to keep working on such things, please consider becoming a sponsor.


The first goal is simply getting 10 monthly sponsors to prove the concept. Your donations are highly appreciated!

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Featured work

  1. tykling/certgrinder

    Certgrinder is a client/server system for getting LetsEncrypt certificates for your infrastructure. ACME challenges are handled by the Certgrinder server, making it possible to get certificates in …

    Python 23
  2. tykling/django-acs

    Django ACS Server

    Python 18
  3. tykling/tlsscout

    tlsscout is a django implementation of the ssllabs website scanner API. You can run tlsscout on your own server to check your websites periodically, with alerting when something changes.

    Python 7
  4. tykling/ansible-roles

    Ansible roles shared between my different Ansible installations

    Perl 7
  5. tykling/socialrating

    A Django app which allows groups of people to define and rate things (like places, movies, food).

    Python 4

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