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Hey 😀

Open Source is my full time job.

With your support I can maintain JSONPlaceholder which is running for free since 2013 and has served billions of requests.

I can also work on tools like husky, lowdb and xv.

Perks and goal

As a sponsor, you can freely use lowdb and xv in any project. When the 100 sponsors goal, both projects will be MIT 🎁

Thanks a lot for your support!

Feel free to reach me on my mail for any question or just to say hi (typicode at gmail)

63 sponsors are funding typicode’s work.


XV (70% of the goal ) and lowdb (100%) will be released under MIT 🎊


Featured work

  1. typicode/json-server

    Get a full fake REST API with zero coding in less than 30 seconds (seriously)

    JavaScript 55,365
  2. typicode/husky

    Modern native Git hooks made easy 🐶 woof!

    JavaScript 23,610
  3. typicode/lowdb

    Tiny local JSON database for small projects (supports Node, Electron and the browser)

    JavaScript 15,928
  4. typicode/hotel

    🏩 A simple process manager for developers. Start apps from your browser and access them using local domains

    JavaScript 9,677
  5. typicode/jsonplaceholder

    A simple online fake REST API server

    HTML 4,268
  6. typicode/xv

    ✔️ A simple, fast and small test runner

    JavaScript 152

61% towards 100 sponsors goal

@matchai @zeke
@torch2424 @TillaTheHun0 @patrixr @StephenGrider @jaredcwhite

matchai and 60 others sponsor this goal

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$ a month

Choose a custom amount.

$10 a month

  • Patron License for lowdb v2.
  • Patron License for xv.
  • Your issues/PRs will be prioritized (ping me on my mail).

$15 a month

  • Previous perks.
  • Sponsor access to My JSON Server. This is a manual process, please send me a mail with your username. I'll set up your access ASAP (can take 24/48h).

$100 a month

  • Your company logo (small) and link will be added to the repo of your choosing (send me a mail with your logo and repo choice).

$250 a month

  • Your company logo (medium) and link will be added to the repo of your choosing.

$500 a month