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U. Bruhin


Hi, I'm the founder and main developer of LibrePCB, an open-source software to create printed circuit boards (PCBs). This tool allows hobbyists and professionals to realize their electronic projects.

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It's hard work to develop this software, consuming a lot of my time. I recently started working full-time on the project, but since I do not charge any money for it, it's difficult to generate enough income to pay the rent etc. Therefore the future development and maintenance of LibrePCB is not guaranteed. Your sponsorship could change this, and helps to make LibrePCB the best PCB design software for hobbyists and professionals! 😃


Reaching this goal will allow to pay my rent, the biggest part of my fixed costs every month. That would be an important step on the way of working full-time on LibrePCB.

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Featured work

  1. LibrePCB/LibrePCB

    A powerful, innovative and intuitive EDA suite for everyone!

  2. LibrePCB/librepcb-doc

    Official documentation of LibrePCB

    CSS 18
  3. LibrePCB/librepcb-parts-generator

    A collection of scripts to generate parts for the LibrePCB default library

    Python 7
  4. LibrePCB-Libraries/LibrePCB_Base.lplib

    Official LibrePCB Base Library

  5. ubruhin/python-dlogg-driver

    Unofficial python package to read data from a USB D-LOGG device

    Python 4

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