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Ivan Bozhanov

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

My name is Ivan Bozhanov, I develop and maintain jsTree (and a few open-source PHP projects). I need your help to buy myself some time to work on jsTree and get v.4 ready.


100$ is a great start and a solid indication that there is a strong need for jsTree v.4 and will push me to dedicate more time to the project.

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Featured work

  1. vakata/jstree

    jquery tree plugin

    JavaScript 5,052
  2. vakata/jstree-php-demos

    PHP demos for jstree

    PHP 52
  3. vakata/websocket

    PHP websocket server & client

    PHP 46
  4. vakata/asn1

    ASN1 parser and builder

    PHP 15
  5. vakata/certificate

    Parsing of digital certificates from all Bulgarian vendors

    PHP 1

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