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Build enterprise-grade, bug-free cloud apps and microservices in under 30 minutes. A modern open source platform SDK to efficiently deliver high-quality software, optimized for DOMA and Domain-Driven Design (DDD). XOOM’s visual designer enables rapid modeling to low-code implementation of cloud-native apps and microservices that effortlessly transition to full-code software development life cycle. This is you designing and implement business-focused full-system solutions in record time.

We are a global team with contributors and maintainers in several countries. We receive contributions from many, yet we also pay full team members. Sponsors help support our diverse software development teams.

We love helping developers increase their productivity and successes in building modern, efficient, software systems that address business strategic differentiation. We love our diverse team and giving them paid work. Thanks for supporting us as we support others!


Please help our teams contributing to our open source platform. Our monthly goal represents operating expenses, including paid developers around the world. We very much appreciate your sponsorship!

Featured work

  1. vlingo/xoom-designer

    The VLINGO XOOM Designer to guide you in rapid delivery of low-code to full-code Reactive, Event-Driven Microservices and Applications using DOMA, DDD, and other approaches.

    Java 75
  2. vlingo/xoom-turbo

    The VLINGO XOOM platform SDK for DOMA and DDD accelerates building highly scalable and high-performance Reactive microservices and applications.

    Java 7
  3. vlingo/xoom-lattice

    The VLINGO XOOM platform SDK Reactive Domain-Driven Design models that are highly scalable and concurrent. Includes compute grid, actor caching, spaces, cross-node grid cluster messaging, message e…

    Java 54
  4. vlingo/xoom-http

    The VLINGO XOOM platform SDK for Reactive, scalable, high-throughput, and resilient HTTP server supporting RESTful services running on XOOM LATTICE and XOOM ACTORS.

    Java 51
  5. vlingo/xoom-actors

    The VLINGO XOOM platform SDK for the type-safe Actor Model, delivering Reactive concurrency, high scalability, high-throughput, and resiliency using Java and other JVM languages.

    Java 223
  6. vlingo/xoom-examples

    The VLINGO XOOM examples demonstrating features and functionality available in the reactive components. See each of the submodules for specific examples.

    Java 144

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