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🌸 About me

I'm Veronika. Programming is one of the main interests in my life. For a few years already I enjoy writing Haskell and learning Functional Programming concepts.

The thing I'm particularly proud of is Kowainik — an open-source organization, which my friend Dmitrii and I founded in March 2018. I am working hard on lots of projects in there. This includes ideas generation, implementation and improvements, fixes and maintenance. Besides projects, we help with mentorship in Haskell, writing tutorials/guides/posts, participate in the community-wide events to draw more attention to Haskell and FP in general. Some of the examples are the annual Hacktoberfest events and Google Summer of Code mentorship.

Besides, I've made the FP magazine – Bind The Gap. It contains a lot of technical material, interviews, articles, all made with love in a warm cosy manner. 🤗

I am also a #Learn4Haskell mentor. Learn4Haskell is the beginner-friendly guide to the Haskell world, that helps to learn basics in an easy and acceptable format of 4 Pull Requests.

Why sponsorship

For me, your support would already mean a lot 😊
Additionally, that will help me
to spend even more time on my project development and maintenance.
to spend more money on CI, better tooling and deployment processes for my project which will open more opportunities for new ideas and realisations.
to experiment more.
to help the Haskell ecosystem by creating more tools for people in the community.
to share my knowledge by participating in conferences and FP events.

Examples of my work

🍃 Most of my code projects can be found at @kowainik GitHub page.
🍃 My GitHub profile: @vrom911.
🍃 My blog.
🍃 Kowainik's blog where I also participate quite frequently.
🍃 Digital FP magazine – Bind The Gap.
🍃 I also contribute to many other open-source Haskell projects at GitHub and collaborate on the number of severe Haskell projects :octocat:

Current sponsors 10

Private Sponsor

Past sponsors 22


Featured work

  1. kowainik/learn4haskell

    👩‍🏫 👨‍🏫 Learn Haskell basics in 4 pull requests

    Haskell 849
  2. kowainik/summoner

    🔮 🔧 Tool for scaffolding batteries-included production-level Haskell projects

    Haskell 668
  3. kowainik/relude

    🌀 Safe, performant, user-friendly and lightweight Haskell standard library

    Haskell 634
  4. kowainik/membrain

    🧠 Type-safe memory units

    Haskell 61
  5. kowainik/hit-on

    :octocat: Kowainik Git Workflow Helper Tool

    Haskell 73
  6. kowainik/slist

    ♾️ Sized list

    Haskell 48

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