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🌈 Hi there! I'm @wei 👋

I'm the maker of GitHub App  Pull which is trusted by Repository Count GitHub repositories and have triggered Triggered #

Yeah that's right, more than 5,000,000 times!

As you can imagine with projects at this scope, server costs are 💸 a big expense. As a free service, I have been on the hook in the past few years.

It will mean the world to me if you could consider backing me and keep the projects 🚀 alive and 💪 strong!

Thank you for your support! 🙇

Latest open source project:
Socialify - Social Image-as-a-Service for GitHub Projects

💞 Socialify your project. 🌐 Share with the world!

7 sponsors are funding wei’s work.


Featured work

  1. wei/pull

    🤖 Keep your forks up-to-date via automated PRs

    JavaScript 3,217
  2. wei/socialify

    💞 Socialify your project. 🌐 Share with the world!

    TypeScript 966
  3. firekylin/firekylin

    A Simple & Fast Node.js Blogging Platform Base On ThinkJS3 & React & ES2015+

    TypeScript 1,799
  4. repo-sync/github-sync

    ⤵️ A GitHub Action for syncing current repository with remote

    Shell 222
  5. wei/git-sync

    🔃 A GitHub Action for syncing between two independent repositories using force push

    Shell 131
  6. wei/screenshotter

    Screenshot as a Service

    TypeScript 8

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