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Wesley Moore

Sunshine Coast, Australia

I run Read Rust, a site where I curate interesting posts from the Rust programming language community. The site and its tools are published on GitHub.

I publish projects on GitHub such as pkb, ssd1675, and titlecase and contribute to other open source projects, submitting fixes and improvements as needed. Lastly I also maintain a collection of packages on the Arch User Repository (AUR).

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Featured work

  1. wezm/read-rust

    Read Rust allows you to keep up with articles about the Rust programming language.

    Crystal 187
  2. wezm/ssd1675

    Rust driver for SSD1675 e-Paper display controller

    Rust 54
  3. yeslogic/allsorts

    Font parser, shaping engine, and subsetter implemented in Rust

    Rust 561
  4. wezm/pkb

    Personal knowledge base

    Rust 39
  5. wezm/titlecase

    A tool and Rust crate for transforming text into Title Case.

    Rust 68
  6. wezm/leaf

    Lightweight, self-hosted task tracking

    Rust 42

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