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I am Yifan Ai. I live in Sydney, NSW, Australia. I am a Software Engineer passionate about developing things and making positive impacts on society.

I am working on react-gallery-carousel. A mobile-friendly gallery carousel with batteries included (touch, mouse emulation, lazy loading, thumbnails, fullscreen, RTL, keyboard navigation and customizations). I have also worked on other projects.

Your sponsorship is important. I will use the funds to buy some snacks for myself to empower me to maintain the package and scripts. I will also use the funds to pay for my trip to electronic stores to test the carousel on different devices (iPhones, Android phones, iPads, Android tablets, PCs, and Macs) and on different browsers.


It would mean the world to me if I had $5 from sponsors. 💖

Featured work

  1. yifaneye/react-gallery-carousel

    Carousel 🎠 component supporting touch, mouse emulation, fullscreen, thumbnails, lazy loading, server side rendering, RTL, keyboard navigation and customisations.

    JavaScript 189
  2. yifaneye/macos-notes-exporter

    🚀 Exporting notes from macOS Notes App

    JavaScript 11
  3. yifaneye/checkboxes

    Checkboxes ☑️ with customisable color, size, border radius and animation time

    HTML 8
  4. yifaneye/django-default-language

    Django middleware ↔️ for setting a default language (by ignoring HTTP Accepted-Language header)

    Python 6
  5. yifaneye/facebook-friends-adder

    Script for automatically adding friends 👥 on the new Facebook interface. 👉 For ease of use, my Chrome Extension ( is made for everyone.

    Python 5
  6. vuetifyjs/vuetify

    🐉 Material Component Framework for Vue

    TypeScript 35,952

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