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Kat Marchán

stolen Chochenyo Ohlone land

Hi! My name's Kat and I'm an engineer at Microsoft! Before that, I was the lead maintainer/architect of the NPM CLI for like 4 years, and the author of npx. I've also done a bunch of community and D&I work outside of that, along with more non-NPM open source!

These days, I'm spending my non-work time working on a co-op platform to help artists make a living, and also doing Rust-based projects and tooling.

What I've Done

What I'm Working On

  • I'm working on a new, next-generation node_modules/ package manager called Orogene, aiming to be fast, safe, and featureful.
  • I'm the lead dev on Banchan Art, a platform co-operative aiming to help artists make an easier, safer living with digital art.
  • I admin WeAllJS and and help keep them happy, healthy, inclusive communities.
  • I finished getting KDL 1.0.0 specs out the door and now I'm moving on to supporting new implementations, particularly maintaining kdl-rs.
  • I'm actively developing miette, the best damn error/diagnostic reporting library in the entire Rust ecosystem (or any ecosystem?), if I may say so myself.
  • I contribute to the bevy in the form of big-brain, and to the nushell by helping them improve the overall error definition and messaging story across the project.
  • I'm maintaining node-semver-rs, a Rust implementation of node-semver, which is super important for anyone wanting to build NPM/JavaScript tooling in Rust.
  • I participate in communities, providing mentorship and advice in relevant areas of expertise.

What Sponsorship Does

Aside from what the tiers get you, sponsoring me enables me to keep finding ways to contribute to communities, both in code/tools, and in community work, and it helps me justify spending time on this outside of the scope of my day job!


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Featured work

  1. zkat/cacache-rs

    A high-performance, concurrent, content-addressable disk cache, with support for both sync and async APIs. 💩💵 but for your 🦀

    Rust 460
  2. BanchanArt/banchan

    The Co-Operative Commissions Platform

    Elixir 156
  3. orogene/orogene

    Makes `node_modules/` happen. Fast. No fuss.

    Rust 1,402
  4. zkat/miette

    Fancy extension for std::error::Error with pretty, detailed diagnostic printing.

    Rust 1,752
  5. kdl-org/kdl

    the kdl document language specifications

  6. zkat/big-brain

    Utility AI library for the Bevy game engine

    Rust 896

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