Benchmark of template engines for Tornado
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Template engines benchmark

To run Tornado server:

python --autoescape=(0|1)

To run benchmark i used:

ab -n 10000 -c 1 'http://localhost:8888/tornado/' 

to test Tornado templates or for Jinja2:

ab -n 10000 -c 1 'http://localhost:8888/jinja/'


Without autoescape

* Empty template:
    Render time (avg): 0.0093 ms
    Full render time (avg): 0.0494 ms

* Normal tempalate:
    Render time (avg): 0.0106 ms
    Full render time (avg): 1.4693 ms

Autoescape on

* Empty template:
    Render time (avg): 0.0092 ms
    Full render time (avg): 0.0502 ms

* Normal tempalate:
    Render time (avg): 0.0095 ms
    Full render time (avg): 3.4678 ms


Without autoescape

* Empty template
    Render time (avg): 0.0203 ms
    Full render time (avg): 0.0684 ms

* Normal tempalte
    Render time (avg): 1.2098 ms
    Full render time (avg): 1.2620 ms

Autoescape on:

* Empty template:
    Render time (avg): 0.0242 ms
    Full render time (avg): 0.0786 ms

* Normal template:
    Render time (avg): 2.3724 ms
    Full render time (avg): 2.4286 ms