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silly stuff I do in boring lessons
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This is a small program I've written in boring school lession.

The most relevant question while in school is this:

How long until the next break?

This program will tell you! It displays the number in seconds and some progress bars to indicate the next break or end of school.

Have a look inside the App.config (or Impatient.config) and set the times there.


  • It will only display numbers and progress bars when the current time is in between start and end of school.

  • It paints a dark backround every full minute.

  • It does not break if you change the clock on your operating system.


I have very little experience in writing applications with GUI.

And I wanted to take a look how this is done on wintendo platforms.

How is time management done in C#? Let's see!

So why not do something useful in school? - This is far better than sleeping!


Of course this software is licensed, and of course it's beerware!

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