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Simple "Swifty" logger inspired by log4j
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Swift Logger

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Swift Logger is a simple logger.

How to Use

Basic Use

In your projects applicationDidLoad set the configuration of the loggers.

  let consoleAppender = ConsolePrintAppender()
  var configuration = Configuration.default
  configuration.add(appender: consoleAppender)

To start logging simply call getLogger and start sending messages

import SwiftLogger

class SomeViewController: UIViewController {

  static let logger = Logger.getLogger(by: "SomeViewController")


  override func viewDidLoad() {
    SomeViewController.logger.debug("Loaded view for View Controller")



Logger - The logger consumes messages that will be sent to the appenders. There can be zero to many appenders.

Appender - Appenders run the logger messages through their formatter and then append the message on to a source. Example being, a file, console, a web service, etc.

Formatter - A formatter simply takes the message details and formats it in a way that is specified through string matching.

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