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v.1 - 2011-08-13
*** This software should be considered beta. However, I do use the email templates, lists, and bulk emails on a daily production site for a limited amount of emails per week. ***
This django app is used to manage bulk (and one off) emails. You can create email templates,
and email lists. Emails can be created and bulk sent in a future date.
Required packages:
- Python Image Library (PIL)
- South
Optional Packages:
- django-tinymce
Features (that currently work):
- Create EmailLists:
- Site users (list of auth.models.user objects)
- Raw email addresses (list of comma separated emails)
- Create EmailBlasts. Allows you to send email to EmailLists.
- Merge fields. Uses standard djangos template processor to fill in merge fields.
- Integrates with tinymce, just install django-tinymce and configure it appropriately
- HTML and text content in emails (uses html2text to generate the text content)
- Tracking for opened emails (currently uses html image requests for tracking so only possible for HTML clients)
Future Features:
- EmailLists
- Custom sql query (query for email address and merge data)
- Celery async email jobs
- Admin actions to process emails
- Doctor direct links to the site to include tracking information which will
provide tracking for people who paste links from text versions of the email
- include in INSTALLED_APPS (
- include in urls (
url(r'^emailer/', include('emailer.urls')),
- if using django-tinymce, put this in the tinymce.init config (enables tiny-mce templates to use emailer templates):
'template_external_list_url' : "emailer/templates/",
- update site instance in the admin to reflect your site, see the django docs for this
- sync up your models, see django-south for more information
$ python syncdb
$ python migrate emailer