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Date: 25th Apr 2013

  • Upgraded external packages to the latest stable releases:
    • Django REST Framework 2.2.6
    • Django Compressor 1.3
    • Pillow 2.0.0
  • Extended the Permission Class with a method that allows a developer to control if a user can see the Fiber admin interface
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fixed a bug in the middleware which was introduced in 0.10.2 if using Django 1.3
    • Thanks to the upgrade of Django REST Framework this issue is also resolved.


Date: 22nd Mar 2013

  • Django 1.5 compatibility fixes
  • block non-POST requests on login
  • updated external libraries
    • Fine Uploader 3.2.0
    • CKEDITOR 4.0.1
  • improved testing
    • test multiple Django and Python versions on Travis CI
    • added tox support


Date: 7th Feb 2013

  • updated Django REST Framework to 2.1.17
  • updated requirements
    • Pillow 1.7.8
    • Django MPTT 0.5.5
    • Django compressor 1.2
    • Django REST Framework 2.1.17
  • Django 1.5 compatibility fixes
  • added meta_description field to Page
  • added has_visible_children method to Page
  • improved file deletion for multiple storage backends


Date: 21st Dec 2012

  • Enhancement: Ported to REST Framework. Note: projects with local REST Framework 0.3.X or 0.3.4 dependencies will break.
  • Enhancements: Updated README file and added this changelog.

Date: 6th Dec 2012

  • Security-Bugfix: Changed permission check in API from IsAuthenticated to IsAdminUser


Date: 27th Nov 2012

  • Enhancement: Title fields of pages are now required. Solves inconsistent behaviour in the UI.

Older changes not documented. Revert to the git log for details.

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