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Rewrote security.txt SSL docs, noting SECURE_PROXY_SSL_HEADER.

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@@ -122,22 +122,19 @@ transferred between client and server, and in some cases -- **active** network
attackers -- to alter data that is sent in either direction.
If you want the protection that HTTPS provides, and have enabled it on your
-server, there are some additional steps to consider to ensure that sensitive
-information is not leaked:
+server, there are some additional steps you may need:
+* If necessary, set :setting:`SECURE_PROXY_SSL_HEADER`, ensuring that you have
+ understood the warnings there thoroughly. Failure to do this can result
+ in CSRF vulnerabilities, and failure to do it correctly can also be
+ dangerous!
* Set up redirection so that requests over HTTP are redirected to HTTPS.
- It is possible to do this with a piece of Django middleware. However, this has
- problems for the common case of a Django app running behind a reverse
- proxy. Often, reverse proxies are configured to set the ``X-Forwarded-SSL``
- header (or equivalent) if the incoming connection was HTTPS, and the absence
- of this header could be used to detect a request that was not HTTPS. However,
- this method usually cannot be relied on, as a client, or a malicious active
- network attacker, could also set this header.
- So, for the case of a reverse proxy, it is recommended that the main Web
- server should be configured to do the redirect to HTTPS, or configured to send
- HTTP requests to an app that unconditionally redirects to HTTPS.
+ This could be done using a custom middleware. Please note the caveats under
+ :setting:`SECURE_PROXY_SSL_HEADER`. For the case of a reverse proxy, it may be
+ easier or more secure to configure the main Web server to do the redirect to
* Use 'secure' cookies.

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