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f7df310 @bitprophet Add new names, clarify meaning of file.
bitprophet authored
1 The following list contains individuals who contributed nontrivial code to
2 Fabric's codebase, ordered by date of first contribution. Individuals who
3 submitted bug reports or trivial one-line "you forgot to do X" patches are
4 generally credited in the commit log only.
20e558f @bitprophet More pre-release cleanup.
bitprophet authored
6 Christian Vest Hansen
7 Rob Cowie
8 Jeff Forcier
9 Travis Cline
10 Niklas Lindström
11 Kevin Horn
12 Max Battcher
13 Alexander Artemenko
14 Dennis Schoen
15 Erick Dennis
16 Sverre Johansen
17 Michael Stephens
18 Armin Ronacher
19 Curt Micol
20 Patrick McNerthney
21 Steve Steiner
22 Ali Saifee
23 Jorge Vargas
7ea40b4 @bitprophet Update authors list with recent contributions.
bitprophet authored
24 Peter Ellis
25 Brian Rosner
f7df310 @bitprophet Add new names, clarify meaning of file.
bitprophet authored
26 Xinan Wu
27 Alex Koshelev
28 Mich Matuson
29 Morgan Goose
7f280a0 @bitprophet Make context managers restore env upon exception.
bitprophet authored
30 Carl Meyer
2c8aa1e @bitprophet Allow escaped commas in per-task arguments.
bitprophet authored
31 Erich Heine
6588a9d @bitprophet Update changelog, AUTHORS for previous commit
bitprophet authored
32 Travis Swicegood
83ad489 @bitprophet Add Paul to authors for his chmod efficiency patch
bitprophet authored
33 Paul Smith
dd4ff3e @bitprophet Add more folks to AUTHORS
bitprophet authored
34 Alex Koshelev
35 Stephen Goss
36 James Murty
37 Thomas Ballinger
8f32f71 @bitprophet Update AUTHORS
bitprophet authored
38 Rick Harding
bc0fe58 @bitprophet Update attribution re #312
bitprophet authored
39 Kirill Pinchuk
fb3aaae @bitprophet Update AUTHORS file re #273
bitprophet authored
40 Ales Zoulek
d15edb4 @bitprophet Move --exclude-hosts docs into its own section, and update changelog/AUT...
bitprophet authored
41 Casey Banner
9a13102 @bitprophet Add changelog, AUTHORS and fixes #337
bitprophet authored
42 Roman Imankulov
7c47972 @bitprophet Changelog, AUTHORS, docstring, reformat re #10. Imps #10.
bitprophet authored
43 Rodrigue Alcazar
5d8d0e3 @bitprophet Implements #189: flag for aborting-on-prompts
bitprophet authored
44 Jeremy Avnet
45 Matt Chisholm
d68b7ac @bitprophet Implements #353: SSH keepalive.
bitprophet authored
46 Mark Merritt
efd9fef @bitprophet Fix I/O race condition
bitprophet authored
47 Max Arnold
7f6cbc9 @bitprophet Fixes #345, contains() returns boolean, not retval.
bitprophet authored
48 Szymon Reichmann
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